Waverave 2016

Jun 8, 2011
saginaw michigan
Sucks cause this last year the date was posted I got vacation time set and than the date changed and was only able to show up for Saturday. I've been there Friday Saturday Sunday for the past 4 years until this year.

I'm just excited to start RIPing it up next year is all


Stock Sucks
Jan 15, 2006
White Lake MI
This year we are adding a new event. the $hitty sit down endurance race. The idea is that you find an old sit down in a field full of leaves and mold and get it running and race it from the campground to the boat launch and back. Nothing newer than 94 and they have to be stock machines. No ex race boats and we will tech to make sure the machine has the same stuff it would have come from the factory with. Stainless props and after market air filters, intake grates and ride plates are the only mods. I am debating whether or not to do it if there's surf for safety reasons also I'm sure you guys would rather ride surf than beat up couches. There will be a $10 entry fee and we'll throw in another $50. The winner gets 50% of the pot the other half goes to charity. I am open to suggestions on rules so let me know what you think. If theres a photo finish tie goes to the uglier machine.


Jan 22, 2013
West Michigan
And it's warm this year too. I've been in Lake Michigan all over 4 different states skiing and swimming and there's absolutely no need for a wetsuit

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Quit trolling the X and fix your ski!!!!!!!!!! Then you may have a need for a wet suit again!
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