Wave Rave


Stock Sucks
Jan 15, 2006
White Lake MI
Hey guys we at Freeride Komponents will be once again hosting this event. It is tentatively the same dates as last year which is the 3rd weekend in August. It's still early yet and I have been holding off on saying anything until the campground opens for the season and I can talk to them to make sure we are still good for this year. They get new camp ground hosts every couple years and if there are new people this year I have to okay everything with them. Last years raffle raised $500 for trinity Lutheran church which helps the local community with meals and clothes. I hope we can destroy that number this year. I will post more when I get everything locked in. Also if you guys are ordering parts or whatever from any of last years sponsors make sure to mention wave rave and thank them for sponsoring us last year so hopefully we can make this years giveaways even better.
Oct 11, 2009
Jackson MI
I should have gone last year, my son is supposed to be born on the 16th I guess that counts me out.
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