Van ski haulers

Jul 3, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas
I’m considering a cargo van or even a sienna or Honda van and converting it. I don’t want a big van that’s uncomfortable and sucks gas but rather something smaller but will fit 1 possibly 2 skis and gear. Anyone using a smaller van??? Pics of your set up would be great. I bought a Nissan nx200 turns out it was too short!
Apr 21, 2008
Canberra, Australia.
I used a van years ago and intend to go down that path again. This time I intend to have a framework over the wheel arches so that the entire load area is above them and flat. There’ll be a sliding drawer system below for storage.

You’ll most likely find that the rear door opening is not wide enough to load two ‘ski’s in side-by-side. My solution was have the bunks attached to a sheet of form ply (one each side) that were attached to the floor area via a single large bolt as far forward as possible. This would allow the bunks to pivot at that point and allow the loading (rear) end to be swung towards the middle of the door opening to facilitate loading. It would then be pushed hard up against the internal side of the van to enable the bunks on the other side to be swung across to accept the second ‘ski.

Needless to say that van dimensions will need to be carefully considered to make sure you have the space to make it all work.
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