UPDATE as of 12/2/2013-READ THIS BEFORE POSTING: Forum instructions and information


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Dec 31, 2012
Alright so here it is! The product review section on the x.
For now we will start with four main categories and see how that goes, and from there we will add what is necessary.
Here are the main categories and their description:

Engine: products such as exhaust, intake, cylinders, cases, crankshafts, carburetors, all the way to complete engine packages/short blocks, and anything else engine related.

Electrical: products such as cdi's, total loss, coils, switches, and anything else electrical related.

Pump: products such as impellers, pumps, cones, nozzles etc.

Handling: products such as steering setups, poles, hull mods(sponsons, etc), intake grates, ride plates, etc.
Nozzles and intake grates could go in either handling or pump.

Instructions & suggested review format:
1. Find your category.
2. Find your sub-category.
3. Thread title needs to be the product you are reviewing.
4. Write your review. It can be a sentence, a paragraph, or an essay if you want it to be. Even a quick post giving it a rating and how you felt about that product is helpful.
5. Once someone posts a review on that product, you are welcome to add your experience with that product as well.
6. You may also ask further questions if need be, but stay on topic.
7. Please be respectful.
8. Go post some reviews!

If you want to post anonymously, simply sign out and post as a guest.

If you have any questions or suggestions, post in this sticky thread.

With the help of everybody we should be able to get an awesome database with alot of information in one place :)

Looking forward to seeing some reviews!


UPDATE: 12/02/2013
I see we've gotten a few reviews already, which is definitely awesome! Keep it up guys :)
The goal is to eventually have nearly every product in these sections, so there's no more searching through countless places to find information about a product, and so you don't have to post threads in the general section asking about a product.

I've been doing a little thinking and I want to try something and see how it works.
If you want to know about a product, post a thread in the appropriate section about whatever that product is. When you are posting that thread, make sure to select the question mark post icon(you'll see what I mean in the title of this thread). This will distinguish the regular reviews from the rest. Once we get a response, you can take down that post icon.

Now here's the deal with adding more sections. If we get enough reviews(Like, a significant amount, well over 10 in each section, aim for 20 right now), we will add more sections. These are the sections that would be added if we get more reviews.

Hulls- If you guys can keep it drama free ;)
Riding gear

I know that there's a lot of people on the x that have some free time and just look around for certain things to post on and to past time; so here's a solution!
Spend a couple minutes and post a review on a product, and realize that you're helping others by writing a review! This is an awesome opportunity to help people spend their money wisely, and give people something to read as well! It's winter now, and we've got more time on our hands, so spend a little writing a review ;)

Thanks everybody who has posted a review so far, but let's keep on posting so we can get more sections!

Happy posting!:Banane09:
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Apr 2, 2012
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Any chance of an accessories/ riding gear category? It could be used for stuff like tools, helmets, beach carts ect. I'm stoked this was added to the forum. It's an awesome idea.


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Dec 31, 2012
We're just testing these main categories first, then we will add more. Eventually I'm hoping we get all the categories that were on the other website I created. That's the plan.

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