UK momentum Refurb

Jan 10, 2014
Bought this hull pre owned a year ago next week.

Seemed in pretty good shape except a destroyed rideplate fastener and the usual battle scars.

Once i got her home and cleaned up things didnt seem so good.

She weighed a ton. 62kg with the hood.
I was thinking not too bad for an old glass hull. And probably foam soaked.

I knew the tray had to come out to fix the ride plate mount anyway.
So new tray made to overlap the cut out.
Cut out the tray.... no foam. Ok, so shes just a heavy hull.

Moved in to the engine bay. 3 motor mount threads trashed. No big deal.
The inside of the hull has a pre made bed with all the mounts built in. This seemed to have a lot of flex. As though it wasnt glued down fully.

So i cut the middle out. Under the engine area. Then noticed a 12mm gap between the bed and the bottom of the hull.

Now it was time to go full on.

Out came the whole bed. Under the bed was a shock. It seemed as though they had tried to fill the gap with resin. Although they didnt manage it.

I started grinding, then digging out the excess resin. Up to 15mm thick in places.
Then prepping the sides and bulkhead, removing all the excess resin.
Same in the back end under the tray.
Also cut out the foothold buckets and the same treatment there.

Out with all the tubes.

Repaired all the holes for the scupper exhaust and drains.

Next up, glass reinforcement on the now very thin hull bottom.

New thread inserts and repairs to the motor mounts. Motor mounts reset and aligned to pump and bulkhead. Bulkead.

Entire ski reinforced with carbon kevlar. Bulkhead aligned with pump.

New tubes fitted all round. All sealed up with sikaflex. Water leak tested. Drains fitted and tray filled with non absorbing foam.
Tray and foothold buckets refitted. And reinforced.
Jan 10, 2014
Unfortunately not getting much done.
Ski is back home in UK and i live and work full time in Middle east. Plus i have wife and 2 kids back in uk.
So progress has been pretty slow.
All this so far has been nearly a year to get it where it is now.
Its not really fair on the family to go straight in to the shop when im home. In fact a lot of the work has been done by getting up at 4 am so i can get a few hrs in before the kids are up.
All but finnished now though. Just paint and turf to do. Its had a full dry build so i know every thing should just bolt in once the paint and turf is done.

Any body got any ideas on paint.
Was guna go lumo yellow on the bottom and a lumo blue or light candy blue on the top.
Not a big fan of graphics. And i dont have the time for doing custom paint. Needs to be a one colour top, one colour bottom job
Jan 10, 2014
And i think im guna miss the summer on it this year.
Looking to move back to uk next year though so will be playtime then.
Not rode a ski for nearly 2 years now. Life sucks some times
Jan 10, 2014
Deffinately Josh. You can teach me how to ride it.

Hopefully i will get her finnished up early september. Ive got a couple of weeks off.
Sproks momentum was the first AM hull i rode and i loved it. Fair enough there is a lot better hulls out there now but this is just for fun.
Apr 30, 2012
Yeah that momentum was awesome, the krash before it was good but the black momentum the following year was badass I loved riding that thing!
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