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Jun 22, 2006
I hate to do this and was hoping I wouldn't have to but I wanted to see if I could avoid making a PayPal claim.
I contacted @tom21 12/16 about a foothold, he said it was ready to ship 12/17, paid 12/17, asked if it went out on the 20th, he responded it was going out the morning of the 22nd, no further responses to my inquiries, no part.
I want the part and dont want to file a claim.


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May 10, 2006
clearwater FL
Sorry bout that, my fault totally. I finished what orders i could before the holidays and shipped em. In my haste i sent one lucky recipient 2 parts and you no parts. I was out of town, not checking the site for 2 weeks and totally oblivious to your frustration. For that i did and do apologize. Then to make matters worse the weather was actually cold, not florida cold but frost on the ground 40s and 50s cold. I actually did make parts despite that and they were not what i would consider worthy of shipping. And so you continued to wait some more. I made another part and was able to send it. We did communicate once i got back and i did explain why there was dead silence on my end. But in the end an excuse is an excuse and reasons and mistakes dont really matter. Fact is yamanube paid for a part and was told it shipped and has every right to be concerned, upset, nervous, and pissed off.

I know how i am and i know what my schedule is like and i even have changed hiw i do business to avoid taking money unless and until a part is ready, meaning if i take too long and lose out on a sale, tough tytties for me! But more important is that the customer is not feeling like they got screwed. Ive been at this for a little while and im still terrible at the communication part which i am getting some assistance with hopefully now, but even the tone of this thread shows that it seems unusual to be left hanging. Ill always do my best to make parts fast as i am able and be straight forward about timeframes.
Thank you for allowong me to continue doin what i do, cause without you all theres no way im able to do this.

Yamanube i owe you one, if you need something send me an email and ill hook you up! Btw it was faster to remake the part twice than ship it from the northwest. And i foubd out about it first from the other customer wondering why i shipped 2, in the end i decided since he stepped up rather than not say a thing that he keep the part for being a straight up honest guy.


Jun 23, 2009
NE Tenn
Tom l've known you since l started coming on the forum.You have always been straight up.We all have problems,but hopefully make up for the them when it does happen.
Just a few people would actually write an apology on a public forum like you did.

Thanks for standing up!
Mar 30, 2011
Red Bluff CA
He sent me a extra foot hold back in the day also after I ordered one. On accident. I told him about it afterwards and he told me just to keep it.

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