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Apr 4, 2006
Newark, DE
After 2 decades+ of riding, I finally have some significant carnage. Many, many missed foothold toe stubbing, or too hard kicking it resulted in permanent damage to... my big toe. Only on my right foot since I typically ride surf stance.

You can see the cartilage is gone (second joint down on my big toe) and there are 2 bone spurs growing to “reinforce” my toe bone from impact damage... devils toe (though if you turn the pic a little counterclockwise it looks like a happy frog). Can’t see the spurs from looking at foot, they aren’t that big...yet

No fractures or anything. Had to see a foot doc as my big toe had barely any movement.

Options are deal with it and the clicking every time I toe wiggle, fuse the bones, or try a cartilage replacement.

The doc did strongly suggest I stop smacking my toe.

Take care of your toes out there!


Ps his expression as I described stand up ski’s, footholds and all was priceless. He had no idea, even with pics he had that “and why do you do this?” Expression.

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Jan 20, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
Broke a few toes at wavedayz a few years back from Missing. I’ve currently got a broken, sprained, fractured toe or something from Missing the footholds a couple weeks ago. It’s not purple anymore but still hurts when pressure is applied.


Feb 7, 2006
Limerick, PA
Dude, thanks for sharing! Good education for me. I have had so many toe injuries from ridding. Still healing one now, and never been to a doc for any. I always wondered if they would lead into something bigger....

Hope you come out of this happy and healthy!
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