Thrust Innovations Handle Pole


Maximum effort
Aug 14, 2015
I had seen this pole in a pro rider back cover a while ago and I never knew if it was ever going to become a real thing. As a thrust supporter I like everything that Brian @THRUST pops out of their magical workshop. The quality is excellent, the parts are well thought out and tested before big production, the anodizing is high quality and long lasting, and most of the stuff just look bad ass.

I had decided to go with the thrust handle pole due to its one piece center section not allowing the pole to twist. The color combinations also made it a big plus for me (you guys are boring but im not lol). I never had any quality or functionality doubts so that never had anything to do with my decision.

The pole came with ALL the required hardware. You do need to order the chin pad and the steering stop separate. The machining is awesome I couldnt find a flaw at all with any of it. The steering cable holder is simple and works perfect so you have freedom to run it on anything you want with any style cable. Its slim and sleek. the top doesnt have adjustable angle like my lightweight aura did but it seems like it would fit anything without looking stupid. You have the option to run pole springs or use the spacer brian designed for it if you want the pole really tight.

The steering stop has angles cut into it to work with the thrust steering however I think it will work perfect with everyone elses systems too. its standard 4 bolt layout and should work with bushing type systems too.

The chin pad is very slim and sleek like the handlepole and comes in a few flavors with choice of graphic color as well. The chin pad is nicely constructed as well.

The pole is designed for 2 inch breather tubes however I was able to get 2.5 in there. It was a huge pain in the ass so do yourself a favor and just dont make the mistake I did.

All in all I like it so much i bought a second one for my wifes new build. Pair it with thrust steering and your dialed.
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