super jet help

Mar 3, 2018
Bullhead City Az
hey everyone, I need some help. I have a super jet rn, it has a 62t motor, r&d intake mani with dual mikuni 44s, case stuffers, stage 2 carbon fiber reeds and a factory dry pipe type 4. This thing runs like a dog. It has no bottom end, bottom end to mid range lags and has decent top end. The boat has dual cooling, one line runs to the exhaust main and the other to the low end of the pipe. The line from the top of the pipe runs to the stinger and the line right before the stinger runs to a pisser and both lines from the head run to a pisser. The pipe doesn't run warm at all. Are these lines ran right. and my jetting is 127.5/120 on both carbs with one turn out on the high and low. any help would be appreciated.

Big Kahuna

Jan 14, 2006
Tuscaloosa, AL
Well, If you have a 62T cylinder that is a runabout cylinder. Port timing is taller. The type 4 makes great mid to top end power. bottom end is ok. What prop are you running? Sounds like your running split cooling. you may want to restrict the water coming out to slow down the heat extraction so you can warm the pipe up some.
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