Struggling with SXR carb ??

Jun 21, 2016
South Louisiana
OK, to rehash. I bought a 2007 SXR two years ago and then home flooded so did not get to fool with it much for a while. It runs and starts fine, idles great but the mid range and top end are not there compared to my Brother's 07 SXR. I went through the carbs and rebuilt them with the Mikuni kits last year cause it would not run on top end at all now it will turn up to 6300 RPM but no more and I have to open the high speed over a turn and a half to do that. I think that I am starving for fuel on the top and mid range. Last year I found a piece of debris in one of the low speed jets and that seemed to get me over the hump but I am thinking there is something else blocking a passage or maybe I put something in wrong. Just looking for any other pointers on what to look at. I pulled the fuel pick up and they are clean as a whistle. The carbs looked real clean except for the one piece of black plastic or gasket or whatever it was that was in there. Loving the SKI but I want the full 6500+ RPM's and mid range. It runs and starts so easy I can't think there is much wrong.
any tips are appreciated.

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