SOLD BOB gen 3 pro series SOLD

Mar 5, 2017
Tossing around the idea of selling my BOB that ive spent lots of time completely going through. Bought the ski noticed some typical bob things everyone on here has heard about. Tore the entire ski down and reinforced the nose, sides, under the hood latch area, under the handle pole mount and bottom with carbon and west systems epoxy. Sanded and painted the top and bottom with 2 part epoxy paint and re assembled the ski with tons of new parts. Located in Washington asking 8900$

carbon hull
2 ride plates
brand new solas mag 144
Hooker 9/15 fresh from impros
44mm carbs
worx intake grate
x-metal trim
RRP footholds
RRP pole and steering
Ada couplers
new oem fuel lines
new cooling lines
new primer and lines
new 3 position bilge switch
new fcv
lots of new stainless clamps and hardware

Built the ski up to try and flip this summer but remodeling our house is costing more than we thought. let me know if you have any questions.


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