*SOLD* 2016 Rickter Edge FR

Oct 1, 2009
Denver, CO
I’m selling my 2016 Rickter Edge FR. Kommander Industries assembled the ski. Black/White Trash graphics. I am located in Pueblo Colorado, prefer pick up and not to ship. Asking $13,500. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Blowsion Tubbies (Shipped to Thailand and Installed at factory)
  • Factory front foothold
  • Thrust Innovation ball scupper
  • Cold Fusion gas tank
  • 718cc 61X/62T w/ freestyle port and epoxy
  • ADA head w/33cc domes
  • Jetinetics billet flywheel
  • MSD Enhancer
  • New B-Pipe when built
  • X-Metal water box
  • Solas 144mm Mag Pump
  • Impros Hooker 9/15
  • X-Metal Trim
  • RRP Steering
  • RRP Billet Pole -2”
  • Bilge pump with handlebar mount switch
  • RRP short ride plate
  • Worx 242 intake grate
20171101_150733.jpg 20171101_150803.jpg 20171101_150813.jpg 20171101_150823.jpg 20171101_150934.jpg 20171101_151013.jpg 20171101_151025.jpg 20171101_151039.jpg 20171101_151154.jpg 20171101_151223.jpg
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