Seeking advice for RN superjet build

Aug 20, 2017
Long Island NY
whats up pals! About 2 months ago I got into surf riding. Coming from a surf and motocross background I got hooked. I started out on a stock super jet with a b pipe and some goodies. I just purchased a krash from a pal and and its anything I could have wanted and more! I kept my old super jet and still would like to ride it in the bay because I live on the water and its super duper convenient but its a real b bring my krash up and down my ramp. Over da winter I am going to do a build and was looking for some input. For me Bay riding consist of 13% marsh, 16% making myself waves, 47% jumping boat waves, 14% BABES, 9% surf riding, 1% getting towed home.i am going to list some of the things I would like to do and love to get some expert advice.
- shorten rear 2-4
- lowered hood (already have)-
- Rocker kit or just chop the rail off the front
- reinforce
- foot hole or makes the tray wider bc I do like foot straps
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