Saturday schedule


Stock Sucks
Jan 15, 2006
White Lake MI
If you see us at the trailer feel free to come over and talk or get shirts or raffle tickets or whatever.
Friday night around 9 we will be showing a movie on the side of the trailer so bring a chair and some popcorn and the beverage of your choice. Don't know what movie yet but it'll be something that is somewhat family friendly. Maybe I'll bring a few choices and we'll vote.

10-12 we'll be selling shirts and raffle tickets
12-6 On the beach
6:30-8:00 shirts and raffle tickets on sale
6:30 hot dog cook out we have 160 hot dogs so bring an appetite we'll try to show some jetski movies while we are cooking but they may not show up if it's too bright out
8:00 we'll start the raffle
Immediately following raffle we'll show jet ski movies
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