rrp pipe...... what everyone's opinion


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Jan 17, 2006
in the 615 (Nashville)
These pipes hit super nice IMO, I ran on pump and race gas 900 setups with good success except in sand. As with any wet pipe the filters clog easily and the pipe over heats quick. In normal non sandy areas they are awesome.
I am back on a PFP now, both make great power just in different places, I will never understand why someone would run a PFP wet, just get a lay down wet pipe, inner diameter is larger and they function better, run the PFP dry and know where your power is. Both options are awesome when properly tuned. Even the TNT is a good option, just keep an eye on water flow on any wet pipe. Dry pipes will simply overheat the water box if clogged, wet pipes will melt EVERYTHING when clogged.
Nov 1, 2011
Cape Town
I have my PFP setup to run both the dry cooling method and also i have an injector (wet setup ) simultaneously.....basically because I ride surf mostly and the sand filter before the injector always blocks......thing is...i dont know what its doing to the power band.......ski rips my arms off....1100 TPE in carbon SF....any comments most welcome


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Jul 5, 2008
Charleston S.C.
Love the RRP pipe, made my dasa ss850 come alive!
Night and day difference from the bpipe I had on exact same setup.
I'm currently installing a pfp exhaust on my dasa 920cc in my gen2 x2 bullett hull. Hoping for same results. What are all the tank options. I'm hoping to get as close to 4 gallon tank as I can.
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