Rocky Mountain region Jet Skiers? Looking to move there!

Oct 20, 2011
Is there anyone on here that could recommend a region in the Rockies that offers good river/pond/lake jet skiing?

I'm looking to move out west from Brooklyn shortly here and want to re-kindle my love affair with the jet pump. Currently I have lived in Brooklyn for about a year, and while fun, it has basically halted a lot of my normal life hobbies - a big one I was getting into was Jet Skiing!

Basically my move is primarily inspired by a combination of Skiing and Mountain biking - two original hobbies of mine and ones I very truely miss being able to do daily without driving at least an hour, through city roads, avoiding taxi's and the general chaos along the way that is NYC.

I want a region where I can live within 30 minutes, max 1 Hour of epic skiing. From there Mountain biking usually isn't far behind - and even still I've been part of groups that maintain trail sections so I'm all for creating and advocating new trail systems if they don't already fully exist (but hey it's 2014 and mountain biking is pretty much mainstream compared to when I started riding/racing 10 years ago haha).

If there are any X-H2O'ers on here that can reccomend an area in the beautiful rockies, with awesome views and nature galore, that is also 2 stroke Jet ski friendly and has a few stand up friendly folks in the area and why you love that area - that would be greatly appreciated! I am moving in about 3 months!

My career is pretty flexible, so that's why I am very willing to shoot from the hip - I have a lot of fields I can look for jobs in (mostly engineering related) with a pretty varied background experience and I don't necessarily need a desk job for this 1-2 year stint in my llife either!

Thanks guys!


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Jun 28, 2010
If the southwest is an option check out Pagosa Springs. 45 min from the most powder in the state at Wolf Creek. There is also a mountain that only runs snow cats. Can't remember the name but the only take something like 60 people a day. Also about 45 min from Lake Navajo which is amazing. I have a friend that lives there so we make it out 2-3 times a year. Probably not a lot of options for work. Durango is also very nice, larger, and I would assume more jobs but it would and an hour to your ski commute.


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Jul 23, 2012
So Utah
havasu is great, southern utah is close to EVERYTHING, but engineering field is limited here.

lots of colorado, but they are colder for longer in the year than southern U TEHHH.
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