Jul 4, 2015
RideStandUps.com has been a few years in the works, just never had the resources to get the ball rolling. With recent surgery, I had enough downtime to launch the idea properly!

My goal with RideStandUps.com is to focus on bringing new people into the sport and on the lack of resources for new riders. Plus resources for riders in the aftermarket community. Since learning to ride stand ups 3 years ago I've tried to share the sport with everyone I can because it changed my life in a big way. I've always been into other motorsports, but never came across a stand up until my husband's coworker was selling one....which I immediately bought.

That is a similar story to other motorsports people I've let ride my skis, the lack of public awareness for this sport is sad. The site is anything stand up jet ski - builds, reviews, tutorials, riding videos, sports health and lifestyle, etc. Always looking for more content, new rider experiences especially!


Sep 9, 2018
Asheville, NC
Looks Awesome! Very well said, after riding my first stand up ski I couldn't agree more. This sport has honestly changed my life in a huge way and has brought my brother and I closer than ever and given us something to share that we have never had before. It is truly amazing how much fun riding is and how physically exhausting also, but the really amazing part is the lack of awareness. How did this sport just fall between the cracks? I also have been into motorsports and automotive lifestyle for the majority of my life and first heard of a stand up jet ski a few years ago. I really don't know how this is still one of the best kept secrets. Congratulations on the website and I think it is tremendously helpful!
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