Jul 8, 2012
Everett, wa
Shout-out to the folks at RSKI Riders and there most excellent steering pad. Because I'm using the Blowsion OVP steering on my RRP poles the RRP AST protection pad would not fit it and thus no protection for my body against the steering. I happen to come across the steering pad that RSKI makes and I thought I'd give it a try. The RSKI pad is made of a material that is flexible but firm. It has the RSKI letters indented/stamped into the front of the pad so I thought I'd pretty it up by painting/highlighting the letter with white Plastic-dip (used the dip from a can and diluted it 50/50 so I could apply about 6 coats with a small brush). I had to raise the center bolt (rear) of the ninja chin pad up about 3/4 of an inch so it would clear the RSKI pad. I used a nylon space and got a bolt that was one inch longer to raise the ninja chin pad. Attaching the RSKI pad to the steering was simple given the zip ties used to fasten it. So I hope the pictures do the pad justice - this RSKI pad is awesome.

IMG_1145.jpg IMG_1146.jpg IMG_1147.jpg IMG_1149.jpg


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Jun 22, 2006
Anyone know what waterboxes fit well in an FS2 with a b pipe? Stock just doesn't seem like it's going to fit well enough.
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