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Dec 31, 2012
Alright, so here is the suggested format to write your review. If you don't have time to go through all these steps, that's perfectly fine. You can write up a short review too. It doesn't matter, except this way will be a little more effective and beneficial to others :)

Suggested Feedback Format:

Introduction: Start with a brief introduction to the product. Explain what it is and what it does. If there is an interesting story involved on how you stumbled upon the product, you could tell it here.

Body: Share a quick review of how the product worked for you. Give the product a rating or grade. Also, include what your ski setup is.

Pros: List the benefits of the product. Pick out the features that work particularly well and things that made the product stand out. Try to include at least 2 or more pros.

Cons: List any potential drawbacks you see with the product.

Analysis: Revisit your rating or grade and explain how you arrived there.

Conclusion: Stay positive while concluding the review. Name other options if you have tried them. If it is a new product or a new field, make recognition of that.

Thanks guys! Glad to see we've gotten some reviews already :)
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