Super Jet Quest to build a fast super jet

May 19, 2016
Hey, guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with mods to build a fast top speed superjet
I have 2014 super jets with the following mods
  1. Msd enhancer
  2. cool head ada 38 cc domes (running 760 cylinder around 180-190 95 octane)
  3. 44 blackjack carbs with dasa intake and vforce 2
  4. factory b-pipe
  5. magnum pump with 12/17 skat prop
  6. worx intake
  7. tdr water box
  8. jetinetics flywheel
Looking for dry pipe and the most I found was speedwerx has nice top end but has a lot to set up and also planning to go msd total loss, bore nozzle and try different prop and bigger carbs

Also how hard is it to set up a dry pipe and would I need to tune the carbs again and what other mods would you recommend porting, polishing, more displacement etc...
Sep 20, 2007
Port the cylinder and use a dry pipe. That is where almost all the power comes from. You WILL need to get good at carb tuning. Check the ignition timing and run some race gas. Aftermarket flywheels often advance the timing. Remember, it is VERY easy to stick a piston trying to go fast.
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