PowerFactor 1100 motor package for sale

Aug 14, 2014
Martensville Saskatchewan
Up for sale is my 1100 powerfactor motor package for sale. Can be sold as a drop in unit with all to give you that 215hp thrust for your Octane! Has 8hrs on rebuilt motor with new crank bearing and new pistons. Price will depend how you want it. Shipping worldwide possible. The whole meal deal will include, 48mm novi carbs, v-force reed cages and dual intakes, power valved top end. Carbon fibre motor plate, Total loss ignition system. TNT low boy pipe and water box. Bracket for water box and battery mount. Aluminum gas tank with pickups. All hoses and exhaust couplers to hook up to the octane exhaust system. Use motor for free style or race, I used it for race and got good results. Have $6000.00 + invested will let go for $5200.00


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Jul 17, 2010
Chesapeake, VA
Great engines and can be made to fit into some Yamaha based hulls, too!
If you want to use your B-Pipe with it, I make these low profile power valve kits for these cylinders...
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