PHP 760 making a stock 760 SING!!

Jul 3, 2014
Fort Worth, Texas
I just finished building my wife a helium fixed steer. I built it for 2 reasons, First for her to ride and not be scared of (my other is an 1105). 2nd is to have a low powered ski that was bullet proof for surf, boat chasing etc.
Zach built me a stock stroke 760 that he did the epoxy and porting on. Its pump gas and extremely clean after his work and painting etc....

Now the review..... This motor rips!... I haven't ridden in about 2 months and I was really surprised at what this engine will do. I literally jetted the carbs to his specs, Set the b-pipe injection to 3/4 open on top, and after about a gallon of fuel and tuning the carbs a bit, It will flat water flip enough to flat land..... I wasn't nosing in, but almost over rotating.... First one I tried and then another 2 flops and 4th also.....

This motor has more than exceeded my expectations and it's amazing what a small motor (non stroker, non power-valve) can do when ported correctly and set up right.
I know there's more in this motor as I just started tuning....I wanted something that rode exactly like my other helium but foamed, surf friendly and would flip off a boat wake.... Here's my set up if anyone would like to know how to set it up and rip

PHP intake
VF3 reeds
Stock 46 carbs 115m/125p 2.0n/s pop off set at 20psi (i can't ever tell spring difference so I just tune pop off) low set about 1.5 turns out, High set around 1.25 turns out
B-pipe port matched and bored larger... (zach can do this for you)
Zeeltronics running an flat 15*curve (for wife) and a 32* curve similar to what my 1105 runs on a toggle switch.....
Lightened 760 charging flywheel..
155 set back pump with a 6/12 Skat -5 swirl (i think a stock 155 would work fine, I just wanted the o-ring pump for this ski)
xs older trim
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