Oil information thread. Price, experience, smell, availability, etc.

May 22, 2017
SW Tenn
The oil we run is partially personal preference and partially based on our experiences and our peers experiences. I am of the belief (possibly erroneously) that there are lots of good oils for us to run and some engines obviously warrant higher tier oils. I was hoping we could create a list of what oils we are running, mix ratio, price of the oil, engines we are running it in, and a description of its smell, if any. Any additional tertiary information would also be appreciated.

The thread is not to debate oils necessarily. Healthy debate is good however these threads can sometimes devolve into bash fests. Think of it more like the carb settings thread where we are simply sharing our personal setups and reasoning.

I will start it off with the oil I am using.

Mystik PWC fully synthetic: https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/mystik®-jt-4-synthetic-2-cycle-personal-watercraft-engine-oil
Price: 24.99 Gal
Engines ran in: Limited superjet, Venture 1100, SX-650
Premix ratio: 32:1
Color: Purple
Smell: Mild, yamalube like.
Consistency: Thin
Gallons used: 3
Notes: I chose this oil because I got a great deal on it (ten gallons for fifty bucks). I was already using the semi synthetic version with good results since it is readily available in my area. From my research when deciding on this oil I discovered it is made by Citgo, the same people that make yamalube for yamaha. Additionally The Sea and Snow version is reportedly the same as Yamalube 2w according to here. http://greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=247303
Aug 26, 2010
I used supertech for many years but since they changed the bottles to the shorter more square style it just doesn't burn. There's oil pouring out of exhaust and tuning was inconsistent.

Would no longer recommend using supertech at all.
Feb 19, 2013
Chico California
pennzoil marine synthetic blend \
Price: 17$ Gal shipped
Engines ran in: Everything from banshee to all of my pwc.
Premix ratio: 32:1 - 40:1 depending on ski
Color: blue
Smell: not much smell to it
Consistency: Thin
Gallons used: 6
I use the cheapest stuff I can find. As long as it meets tcw3 requirements. Figure the amount of money I save buying cheap oil I can buy a new engine in a few years.
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Jan 31, 2008
Tampa Bay area
Klotz Skicraft $39 per gallon because I'm running a motor worth 5K, TPE1105. Burns clean no spooge running out tailpipe like R50 did, 45:1.
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Jan 28, 2018
Klotz SkiCraft
Price: $40
Engines ran in: Yamaha: 650, 701, 760. Kawasaki: 650, 750
Premix ratio: 40:1
Color: Red/Pink
Smell: Awesome!
Consistency: Medium
Gallons used: 20+
No engine issues, no messy spooge and smells great.

Seadoo XPS E-Tec full synthetic
Price: $40
Engines ran in: Seadoo: 587, 720, 787 & 951.
Premix ratio: N/A Injection
Color: Red
Smell: Petroleum, not bad.
Consistency: Medium
Gallons used: 30+
No engine issues and exhaust valves stay clean.
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