Octane with yamaha 62t/61x MSD ignition

May 16, 2010
Hi! We have modded a yamaha flywheel to work with polaris crank and with yamaha stator adapted on polaris cases inside flywheel - and then connected to a yamaha 2 cyl e-box - and is working very good - yamaha flywheel is smaller and lighter - and can be machined to approx 1.2kg - and together with an MSD enhancer can be great pn those engines. Who wants to make the modd i can do the flywheel for 200 - this is the hardest part - but i need a polaris and yam flywheel first. And i'm from Romania - so very far from USA where are mou8st polaris owners. Anyway - is done - is running - and can arrange any static advance i want in the process
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