No longer for sale - Ant Burgess WF Winning DVX with XS1200


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Apr 29, 2016
Glenmoore pa
2013 World Final winning Ant Burgess DVX with low hour XS1200. Ski runs great and absolutely rips. I purchased this ski about a month ago and have decided to go a different direction and just keep my havoc and repair it (which I've done). The hull is not perfect but looks great from 5 feet away - it is an original Stoyer built hull, so its very solid (early hulls were better quality I'm told), but has had a few repairs/reinforcements over the years.

This is the actual ski that won world finals in 2013, not a replica.

Asking no longer for sale OBO.
Would consider a trade for a C5 Z06 corvette.
Call/txt any time 610-350-8621 - Jordan

  • XS1200 with even 200psi compression and only 25hrs since new. original bore so plenty of life in this motor.
  • Full Spec 49s with external fuel pump (i believe these are modded/tweaked in some way for the XS1200)
  • Skat one piece 155 pump (no separate wear ring - this is their top of the line pump)
  • Newer style XScream trim
  • Black PowerFactor Pipe in great shape
  • MSD Total loss on I believe a thrust bracket (3 channel system)
  • XMetal pole with matching paint and raw carbon chin pad
  • Heel locks are just sitting in place. previous owner freshened up the bottom layer of turf in the footholds and had them off. I'll leave these off for the new owner in case you want to adjust the foot holds before glueing down the heel locks
  • The pipe is currently setup with no FCV or stinger jet. It runs fine this way. I will include brand new FCV and filter all ready to go on. In order to run the normal setup you'd have to play with the water routing to get more pressure to the pipe (the XS1200 has a lot of water routing going on so its a bit tricky to get a lot of pressure to the pipe)
The Bad
  • Paint is 7 years old and, as such, has some stress cracking in a few places and nicks/scrapes. Looks great from 5 feet away but it's not perfect
  • Early DVX hulls had limited/no access to the pole bolts so it was common practice to cut a notch near the bolts and epoxy in some carbon offset pieces. This has been done on this hull and appears to have been done well
  • There is some paint stress cracking near where the pole bolts down. I've inspected this carefully and appears to just be an issue with the paint.
  • some carbon has been epoxied in by the pump shoe to help the transition to the pump. I believe this was done since the ski originally had a 163mm pump.
  • The bottom of the hull was recently repainted. The paint job is a 7/10. it was done with catalyzed automotive paint so should hold up very well, but there is a 8" run on the front of the hull on the left side. Not really an issue unless you are a perfectionist. it could be sanded and buffed out. The first night I had the ski I had a small 2" section of paint chip off right in the middle of the bottom of the hull (perhaps I hit a log or something. not sure). I repaired this with gflex and a VERY thin skim coat of good rage body filler. I sprayed automotive catalyzed paint in about a 12" section over the repair. Its not visually perfect, but shouldn't cause any issues.
  • There are two old pisser holes just covered with a sticker and there's one 1/2" pisser thats not hooked to anything.


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