New to X-H20

Feb 24, 2018
Cameron Park
Hey all,

Was planning on purchasing a bunch of parts of jetmaniac and found out I couldn't. I'm assuming the newbie status is why. Figured I'd introduce myself and get some posts in.

Recently purchased a modded fx-1, i've wanted one for awhile now. Bought my first 550 right out of HS and joined PWC. Realized I should have signed up on here back then as well. Bought and sold a bunch of 300, 550 hulls and parts. Ended up fixing up a 90 hull and putting in a 650 that I rode for some time before selling it.

fx-1 has
footholds with front foothold
scupper valve
aluminum pole
140mm pump conversion
701 with 84mm pistons(760)
girdled ADA head
factory B Pipe
Probably more I'm forgetting

Live in Norcal, near Sac if anyone wants to Ride
Nov 28, 2011
Linden, CA
Search new hogan lake, that’s the spot! We got a decent group that religiously goes there almost 3 times a week. I’m 2 minutes away so I’m there a little more often

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