Mountain bike riser bars?

Aug 27, 2018
Boston, MA
A lot of mtb bars are 31.8mm as opposed to 1-1/4 like jetski or motocross bars. I only used them on a fixed steer superjet with a umi steering for a short time. On a regular pole ski its goofy having backsweep, but to each their own.

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1-1/4" = 31.75mm. Did you mean 7/8"?
Jan 12, 2013
the jetski grave yard
the WDK steerings use the 31.8 and I do have one of those on my flatwater ski. the bars were tweaked so I did get some for $20 on sale at the bike shop. they have a bit of back sweep instead of totally straight , which is what I wanted. they have held up great. most of the other systems use a smaller diameter bar. the bike shops do have a smaller diameter bar too, if I remember right. I don't care for riser bars
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