Mikuni SBN fuel dribble

Feb 2, 2009
Highland Village, TX
Ok, I tracked down a set locally.. I also ordered some 66E-24412-00-00 so I will see if that is the same part or not.

Good news is this definitely works. No dribbles with heavy spring and 1.5, 1.8, and 2.0 NS. I did pick up some dribbling (still less than before and kinda intermittent) when I dropped to a softer spring. But I will lower pop off by using heavy spring and larger NS.

I think I'm lean in the mid-range (under 1/4 throttle bog) now, makes sense because of the extra fuel it was getting. But I couldn't fix it with what I had.

Right now I'm at 135 low jet and 32 psi popoff. I got some bigger Lows coming in the mail now.
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