Surfriding Meeting location (if cancelled)

Jul 10, 2008
South Jersey
My .02 would be the main parking lot where the beach access ramp is. Friday at noon? All I want is to ride with everyone that shows and and have a killer time. For that to happen we should toss out all local riding options and then go from there. Like stated before by a lot of people on here is that there are people who have no idea this is all going on and are expecting an event. Last thing I want is for all of us X guys to figure out where we are riding but leave everyone else clueless at Brig only finding out later people went to other spots. Just felt this was something worthy of a separate thread, easy for guys to find last minute.

HOPE we don't have to go through all of this though!! F**k the drama, we have 3 banging days to shred! Braaaaaaaaap!!!:D
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