Luke stocks 900ss

Aug 19, 2015
So I brought this x scream 900ss off of luke stocks after being told it had a brand new OEM crank new bearings pistons seals and a new boyesen manifold the motor tuned up with half a manifold (no plate) with no fittings or gaskets.
On the motor side of things Luke Stocks was told the motor would be stripped on arrival to check what he told me was true it turns out he lied it has a hot rod crank it has hot rod on the rods and H.R 201 on the webs of the crank I have been in touch with hot rods and they have confirmed it's one of there's which was not agreed and would not last five minutes in a powerful motor like this.
It does have new pistons but the cylinders are scorched badly when I was told they had been checked before posting and they were fine this is another lie on Luke's behalf
One of the pulse spigots is missing completely because it looks like it was stuck in with toothpaste.
I payed £3000 plus £500 on import taxes and I have brought new OEM base gasket seals and small end bearings from x scream because the motor was getting striped and I brought brand new 46sbn carbs total bill from xscream £650 so total on this motor and parts is £4150 and all I'm left with is a unusable engine and parts. I payed Luke Stocks by bank transfer in good faith that I could take his word on what he said was true especially with his big name sponsors

luke stocks then agreed to send me a new rebuilt OEM crank and the manifold parts once he has received this crank back in working condition which I feel is fare BUT
I have stripped the engine to send the crank back to him who ever has built the engine has not lined up the bearings on the crank to the pins and they have proceeded to build the engine this was supposedly built 8 hours ago
They have crushed the pin in to the cases but it's not flat the bearing is sat off a little so it would have caused massive wear on on all the internals of the engine there is water sat in the grove where the out side seal sits so the cases must not have joined together properly coz of this

I have now asked luke for a FULL refund £3500 I can't see how this is my problem to sort out it could have twisted the cases or anything it should be down to luke and the guy who built this engine to sort out not me I have ended up paying £3500 for a set of messed up barrels that can be fixed but why should I and a knackered crank and possibly bent cases this is NOT acceptable I'm gutted about this it just shows you can't trust anyone!!!!!!!!!!

Because I've told luke the crank is messed up he now will not send me my new parts which I don't want any more I just want my money back which he has REFUSED to do !!!!!

He reckons I have coursed all this damage but I have never even started the motor so how could I the crank has a nice amount of rust on it where the damage is


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