LPW Ported 701 Has BRAPP !

Feb 21, 2006
sunbury ,ohio
Big thanks to LPW. I needed a new eng for my viper and after running a LPW bigbore in my other blaster for 6 years I went with LPW again . Paul has a new porting package on the 62t -61x full mod platform and he said it would be great for a surf ski . So I took his word for it cause he has never steered me wrong in the past and put one in my Viper . I just got back from ripping it in pismo calif and I have to say '' shes a SCREAMER "", thats all the viper needs in the surf , this motor rips hard and pulls from bottom to top ''not a light switch but a TRAIN with HUGE BRAPP, the power is there when you need it . Ive always ridden a full mod BB in my other blaster and im not sure if I can tell them apart . I cant even say that i miss it ''the BB'' , as this new porting package he has fills the bill and I highly reccomend it to anyone . The other reason I went with LPW is service after the sale , questions ,tips, and help, if you deal with LPW , he NEVER fails to return a call within hours or asap , I have to say he has the best service after sale
from any of the builders that I have dealt with ... FYI try calling the big names on a weekend and see what you get .... So Im VERY VERY happy with the new porting package in the viper , this thing will put a grin on anybody who rips it . :) '' see me on the beach for a rip !'' . Note . If it pushes a viper this hard in the surf it can push a standup even harder . ! :)



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Jan 13, 2006
Thank you Frank, and everyone for the kind words!
I certainly enjoy doing what I do!

Ski ya, Paul
Sep 30, 2015
I just picked up a TPE 1105 that he had his hands on (I'm at least the 3rd or 4th owner). I messaged Paul with some basic questions about it and he was super helpful and friendly. I can't wait to get my ski done and see how it flies!
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