Krash RTP Thread

Aug 18, 2017
Dunedin, Florida
I have been searching constantly trying to find out how people are liking/disliking the manufactured RTP line from Krash... I have seen older videos/posts/reviews stating people are not happy with the nuances which come along with owning a Krash..
  • Reliability(too soon?)
  • Characteristics
  • Access to Parts living in USA
  • etc..
I have been thinking about selling my modified 17' SJ and moving "up" to the Krash Foot Rocket. Gulf side of Florida has been boring the poop out of me and it's time to start moving into freestyle territory. If Krash doesn't seem like the choice, I will move into selling my hull and putting the internals into a freestyle hull and go from there...
Sep 8, 2014
Buy a Tigercraft or Rickter or xscream or crazy joes bam or just used hull. I would sell superjet complete and build freestyle ski from scratch. Use a vxr or raider as donor. Have shaft shortened by the dude on here. Then you can have extra money for a nice lay down pipe and nice trim system.
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