Krash Reaper Build!

Feb 19, 2013
Chico California
After riding all of the new hulls with seats over the last few years, MX1, Viper, rockered/chopped blaster, and the Reaper I fell in love with the Reaper. And picked up a new hull at a good price with some paint issues. I haven't been able to find any builds or very much info on building out a new hull so going to document the process here.
Reaper uses all Superjet 2008+ parts

Drive Train:
62t/61x 754cc
TNT b1 exhaust w/ RN waterbox
144 Solas Mag / x-metal trim / 10-16 hooker / 08+ driveshaft

Yamaha WaveRaider Spring steering / similar to umi
2007 Superjet steering cable
Thrust single finger throttle

Other stuff:
Limited slip 4.8G tank
Silicone long exhaust hose
Rhaas engine mounts
Kenny keeper
R&D intake grate
Dakine foot straps

Parts I still need:
Trim lever
hood/seat latches

Slowly putting parts on as they show up. And still not sure how I am going to make my steering work. So any tips or suggestions please let me know!

So pretty and light!
Clean up some threads
foot straps installed
Putting what I have in finger tight
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Feb 19, 2013
Chico California
Before receiving the Reaper I had assumed it used the same type of steering setup as the blaster. However it does not. The inside of the blaster hood comes down and allows the bottom of the steering to bolt to the hood. The Reaper hood is open space.

I'm not exactly sure what I am going to do yet, but looks like I will need to make a plate to put under the hood so the bolts have something to bolt too other then just the hood. And then I need to come up with a steering stop.

Brand new yamaha Raider steering still in the package!

Will having a plate on the underside of the hood for this to bolt too be strong enough?

The steering stop that would bolt to the hood.

What it looks like bolted to a blaster. The part circled on blaster is just open space on the Reaper. Hoping another Reaper owner has some tips here other then buy another steering. :)
blastersteer stop.PNG
Feb 19, 2013
Chico California
A little bracketology. Aluminum or stainless, or fab it up in cardboard and hot glue and do it in CF or S glass. 4 hours tops. Rock it out.
I have some ideas if it comes to that. But it wont be pretty. I have seen some Reapers with UMI steering so people have made it work. Just haven't been able to get any replies or pictures from those people..
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