Just a rant on Blowsion steering.

Sep 18, 2012
Kelso, Wa
So once again I broke the stem or stud as you would call it, almost loosing the krok collar into the abyss. Bars were not previously loose and bearing is nice and tight or should say rolls smooth with no play. This system is outdated now but they continue to sell this piece of $hit steering setup. last time I was able to buy the stud for $25, boom back on the water in a day. Now I'm told I have to buy the whole damn setup again for $150. I've spent thousands of dollars there like anyone else, guess it's time to take business elsewhere if they can't support their own product. Ovp here I come! End rant
Sep 1, 2010
Rexburg, ID
Mine keeps coming loose too. Such a pita. You have to take the chin pad off and the bars. Uses like 3 Allens two shims for the pad that's to wide and 3/4 socket. And a tube of red lock tight. Ended my riding session and ruined 1 set of bearings. Such a bummer because it's so awesome feeling when it works and the pole is so pretty.

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Jul 16, 2012
La Crosse, WI on the BIG River
Krok collar is a joke. Mine kept coming loose then the allen bolt stripped out! I used a lock washer for a while, but that would come loose slowly. I've been using a double nut, and it seems to be holding. I also had the stud come loose, so I used Red Loctite to hold that in place. The bearings are overkill and rust out. My next setup is going to be a bushing OVP.

I feel your pain :/
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Jan 22, 2012
Plano, TX
I think I've broken about everything. I had rrp steering and broke the center bolt and it took rrp 6 months to replace it. I bought overall ovp while I was waiting and never had any problems with it. I sold the ski and bought the blowsion ovp for my new one. I usually red locktite everything so I never once had a problem with the steering loosening up but the top clamp has broken on me several times. After the first time blowsion told me to make sure I torque it down even to 15ft lbs. it didn't really make a difference bc it kept happening. They said I'm the only one breaking them

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D. Ashby Griffith
Apr 19, 2006
Charlotte, NC
For those breaking center bolts it's a very common problem for machined pivots. There is a big difference in strength comparing turned down raw stock to a real engineered graded tempered "bolt".
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