I Didn't Do It

Jul 22, 2019
Southern CA
Bought this '90 SJ 650 last summer. Had a nice hairline crack hidden behind the exhaust tube, nothing showing on the outside. Took it out to the Colorado River couple months ago and jumped it around a bit. Next thing I know, it's taking on water like crazy. Took it to shore, tipped it over and saw this beauty. Duct taped it up enough to get me back to the launch. 20190604_161955279_iOS.jpg

So, got out the dremel tool and went to work. I haven't painted it yet. Don't know if I'm going to TBH, but I wanted to see if my handywork would hold up; and it has:
20190610_002840122_iOS.jpg 20190609_201241788_iOS.jpg 20190609_200659273_iOS.jpg

Separately, any way to rotate pics on here?


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