HUGE thanks to TeamXtreme

Aug 23, 2008
Palm Beach, Fl
My hats off to TeamXtreme this year.

I flew out to the event on Friday and had one of the best times I have ever had at a freeride event.
Brian, Drew, and all their connections really took the event to the next level. You absolutely cannot beat the atmosphere with the bars on the water, the camping site next to shore, and the locals absolutely loved it as well. Drew made sure every ones thirst was quenched at night and Brian Sizemore made the event run smoother than a bottle of castor 927. Brian from Rage composites really made this event come together nicely lending his personal ski out and donating the brawler hull for the raffle, I would also like to personally thank him for picking me up 30 minutes away at the airport. When Sunday came I was not ready to go home, I wanted to stay!

Thank you TeamXtreme for such a bada$$ time! Until next year.

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