How to setup jetlift tote and easiest way to launch and load

Jul 27, 2016
Finally got my new jetlift totes in the water! Wondering if it's best to have the front bar and rear axle as far apart as possible so it's stable? What type of spacing in length makes them the easiest to use? Not talking about bunk spacing, talking about wheelbase length. Further apart the better?

Best way to load and unload in the water? I see them being used with skis pointing different ways. Does everyone attatch the strap to the nose? It was pretty awkward dragging it on backwards over the handle the first time I loaded in the water, felt like I was missing something.



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Sep 20, 2015
Bozeman, MT
I always lay the handle down in the water away from shore with wheels floating the other end and stand on the strap, then start the ski and throttle it up on to the cart. Make sure You stand on the strap or you will suck it through the pump. I attach the strap to rear boweye or hook so handle is at back of ski this makes loading onto trailer or hitch hauler easier. Not sure this is how it was designed to be used but the easiest way I've found to load with one person.
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