Other How to fill Pinholes?


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Jun 21, 2007
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Just to be a jerk, I posted it in #7 but said talc instead of specifically baby powder, LOL.
Yes, it's made from real babies just like baby oil.
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Can't have sausage anymore, and not because of health reasons, but because I saw a commercial that nearly scared me to death. I was watching TV one night, and this is what the commercial said word for word. "The eggs are from real chickens. The milk is from real cows. But the sausage is from Jimmy Dean." Really? You'd think someone would have caught that!
Mar 9, 2009
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I have used JB Weld to fill in pin holes before. It is still holding up well but took a lot of work to sand it down flat and smooth :p Another very very easy to work with product that I used just a couple of years ago was a marine grade epoxy fairing putty. It was a small tin, had the exact mix portion prepackaged and ended up looking just like the SMC hull material on the SJ. I think it may have been a little tan in color though. Found it, System Three Quikfair, this stuff worked well...

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