Other Hate to do it, but it has been over a month tshiplee has not responded

Jan 16, 2006
s. fla
over a month ago i listed a r&d pump cone i had used for testing. along with my 08 sj prop. tshiplee made a deal to trade me a b1 umi for the pump cone. i said great.

3 weeks go by and nothing, he finally tells me he can't remove it ?

so he says he will pay me, ok i would have prefered the umi.

but 2 more weeks have gone by and nothing he will not respond to my pm's.

i sent the pump cone out the next day.

anybody know this person, he paid me for the prop and also bought a dry pipe, paid for those. don't know if he is hurt, working or what.

but i am out 315.00 to me these days that is alot of money. that would pay for 6 races.

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