Other Grimparts on EBAY

Jul 28, 2014
Newport News, Virginia
Just thought I'd share my awesome experience with this seller on eBay. I'm sure they have parts for sale all over, they have a bunch of ski parts on eBay.

When I say awesome, it's obvious that I'm being sarcastic.

Basically I bought a used ebox cover 62t. Got the ebox, didn't look it over that well, and left positive feedback. Later looking at it I found it to be damaged. Contacted seller, they admitted to me that they did not know it was broken, keep in mind it was listed as "used in good condition" not "broken". They told me that it was clearly damaged in the picture, and that it was my fault for not zooming in on it (on my phone) to see it.

They opened an eBay case, that's how sure/stupid they are. Lol. eBay awarded me the refund. Careful with these people! All this over $20!

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