Jul 4, 2015
Oh boy, another crossfit thread ;)

I was on the fence about doing crossfit because of the stigma I'd hear that it is 'hard on your joints' and 'they don't focus on form' etc etc.

After a year's membership at a regular gym I wasn't seeing results on the jet ski. Sure I lost weight, but my stamina wasn't improving during the races.

I started a membership at a crossfit gym a month ago and wow. I go during lunch to the cardio crossfit class and already gained 3lbs of muscle, lost fat and my cardio quality has pretty much doubled since my first class. That and it has pretty much stopped my daily liquor drinking problem that has developed over the last year from hating a lot of things. Just tried an actual crossfit (not specifically cardio based) class last week for the first time and it is an incredibly functional workout. I will be trying to go twice a day once work settles down.

If you have a local crossfit gym, at least check it out for a class or two! It works out your whole body rather than one muscle group or just doing cardio (boooring). Your heart rate mimics that of one during a ski competition so you aren't completely destroyed going all on the ski. Functional full body strength vs big muscles from working out individually.

Keep in mind this is coming from me who has a history of bad joints, back surgery, two knee surgeries, scoliosis and a locked right shoulder. The results are really worth it and I have never felt better, seriously.

Last year:

Two months ago on the left, last week on the right.
Sep 23, 2011
I am going on 6 years of Crossfit. I also come from 3 Shoulder surgeries, 2 on the left side 1 on the right. I refuse to get into discussions with people who try and bash it because it's a waste of time. You truly need to give it 2-3 months before you can get comfortable with all of the movements especially if you have no Olympic lifting backround. Just take the weight increases on the bar movements slow until you feel comfortable, THAT is how people get hurt. Even after 6 years I still look forward to going every morning and challenging myself to get better.

Your results look great! Stick with it and you will be amazed what you are capable of!!


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Jun 21, 2007
St. Pete, FL
I enjoyed crossfit but it's not always a great fit. Injuries often cause compensation and crossfit is the sport of fitness. I see the gym as a sort of rehab to the sport so I am not sure that turning the gym into a sport itself is the best option for everyone. We can get in great shape while compensating until the next injury, many times caused by ignoring the compensation. Just remember when doing crossfit to spend at least some time ensuring the lifts and other motions are made with good body mechanics in mind. I did enjoy crossfit and was improving my physical condition but it wasn't doing a great job correcting my mechanics. I found I got through many of the exercises displaying similar bad mechanics I learned on the ski.

Not downing crossfit. Just a consideration to make, specifically for those recovering from injuries.
Jan 21, 2011
I love crossfit will be a year last September. I had some breaks and got sick haven't been hurt. Right now it's life getting in the way only managing 2 times a week.
Apr 23, 2012
I've really been enjoying crossfit also. It's easy to not be a stereotypical crossfitter and get hurt all the time, it is pretty obvious when your form is breaking down or when it's simply too heavy. It isn't life or death, go lighter if necessary. I've been doing it for months and have actually yet to see a single person become injured. It is an awesome workout and plan on sticking with it
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