Crazy Joe's BAM V2 hull ride report

May 16, 2017
Detroit metro
A buddy and I were in the market for an AM ski and finally hooked up with Joe to ride his beautiful BAM V2 hull. I am not sure of its official name but Joe was explaining that he widened the old hull by 3 inches and changed the rails to be longer and go out at an angle for better bite. He also made some changes to a few critical stress areas by adding body lines to increase strength. Anyways, here are my thoughts.

The hull is absolutely beautiful. His work is top notch. Joe is an auto body guy by trade and it shows. I spent at least an hour with him and the hull in his garage just BSing and I was trying to find flaws in the finish and couldn't. The visual carbon in the hull pictured is straight and smooth and the clear coat finish on the whole ski was as smooth as glass. I could see the quality in the layup as well where he cut the ride plate to length. Joe makes his own ride plates and he uses vacuum bagging for his glass work (including the hulls). Where the carbon/glass of the plate was cut (for length) there was not a bubble to be found and the layers were tight. Looked very quality to be sure.

Riding the hull was a blast! It turns on a dime and carves hard. It was very stable even though we were out on some pretty big waves in lake St. Clair. I could run the hull nearly to top speed and it felt planted. I could get it to pop out of the water and level out just by moving where I was standing in the tray. It did not ride nose high unless I was at the very back of the tray and forcing it to. The power from the ET engine in it allowed the ski to pop right out of the water. The hull is very light and I was able to do a few 180s without even trying. This is a flat water flip-able ski to be sure. I had it out of the water at least 3 - 4 feet on nothing more than a small wave. With a better rider I am sure this hull would compete with all the other high end brands out there.

Overall I was so impressed that I am having Joe build me a ski! I am going to mirror some of the setup that he had in this one and change up a few other things, like run a bit longer pole!

Shout out to @CrazyJoesRacing for allowing us to bomb in on his Friday night!



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