Carbon trixstar to a glass XFS

Jun 30, 2016
Have my eyes set on a 2013 xfr tray/xfs layup. Coming from a trixstar with a small JM 735(which rips!) Just want to make sure this isn't a decision I'm going to regret.

I rode this hull a couple different times this summer. My third attempt at flipping i got it around and was beyond stocked about that.

Now comparing this hull to the new 2016+ hulls. Is there much difference? The ski is in like new shape with less then 25 hours on it. Looks brand new!
List of parts are:
1100 dasa
150mm mag set back pump
Rrp pipe
48 novis
Dasa intake and v force 3
Msd Total loss

I don't have a bad thing to say about the trixstar, the carbon work is amazing and how light the ski is also amazes me. Will i regret going to a glass hull after riding a carbon hull for the last season? The XFS is local to me, which makes this much easier for me.

Video posted was my third attempt at flipping with this ski. And first successful one ever!

Any positive or negative feedback will be appreciated!


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