Ski Carbon Pro Hurricane 1200

Jul 16, 2020
North Dakota
Carbon Pro Hurricane Hull (Painted in High Metallic Charcoal Graphics are Neon Green and Black carbon)
Dasa 1200
Full Spectrum 49 carbs
Boyesen Manifold
Prox Filters
msd total loss
Bellistic 16 cell battery
oem solenoid
power factor pipe
jazz 3 gal tank
custom tank bucket
155 skat 14vain pump
thrust trim system
silver billet rrp pole
rrp pole bracket
rrp steering system
rrp fat bars
custom chin pad
ada drive couplers
pjs finger throttle
tld grips
oem starter
oem motor mounts
oem blaster 2 drive shaft

Bought this Ski in 2015 was rode that year on fresh water on the occasional weekends for the short season we have in North Dakota, was sent to the Ski Clinic in California they pulled the motor apart and the pump...... replaced parts where needed.....
Crank was rebuilt
Piston replaced with gaskets and seals
Starter replaced
Bendix cleaned up .
Carbs got throttle plates and rebuilt with updated jetting specs.
Pump bearings and new impeller

The Hull was taken to the Hurricane shop where it was repaired for any and every crack and reinforced where needed to be.

Great Ski was a blast but with life changes haven't rode it since it returned from California, Everything about the ski is done right no corners cut all the top of the line parts. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message.

Asking $21,500obo
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