Buyer Beware Camojoe157!

Nov 28, 2011
Dalhart, TX

I really didn’t want to post this, but it seems like Joe Gardemeyer is now ignoring my calls and texts to reach him. Joe posted a for sale ad listing an Ebox with msd enhancer, s/s switch, Blowsion throttle cable and a steering cable. He said that with payment, he would ship the same day. I contacted Joe and made sure everything was in working condition, then sent payment via PayPal. 7 days later, I contacted him asking if the package had shipped yet. No response. Tried back a couple days later, he said they had shipped. Which they had, on oct 22nd instead of oct 15th. Okay no big deal he must have forgot to send when I sent him the money. Package arrived on oct 26th with the Ebox and s/s switch. No cables. I reach out again to him, and ask him if they are coming in a separate package. He said his wife shipped the Ebox and forgot the cables. He would get them out that same day. Once again, I said no problem and said I would look for them in the mail. Well 2 weeks have gone by, nothing has showed up. I’ve tried texting and calling on multiple occasions with no answer. Does not look like I will be getting the cables. Not the end of the world, at least I did get part of what I paid for, but it is unfortunate that there are people like this who do not follow through with what they say. I hope Joe sees this and makes it right.
I will delete this feedback if the matter is resolved.


Jan 12, 2013
the jetski grave yard
camel toe joe is fairly local to me ,about an hour and a half drive.
I had a similar experience with him a few years ago, when he met me, to sell me his FR2 evo hull.
he forgot to bring the title and a bunch of little stuff that was supposed to be included.
I played hell getting ahold of him after that and he got all sh!tty with me when he finally answered the phone.
he did send me the stuff in the mail but it was after I already did what I had to do to get it in my name at DMV.
some months later he called me and asked me if I wanted to buy the running gear from that hull.
when I went off on him for even calling me, he didn't even remember we had a problem on the last transaction.
he used to be big into the jetski world here locally, but has moved on to controlled substances. its a shame
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