Blowsion OVP Steering System And Handle Pole


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Oct 7, 2008
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Here is a review of Blowsion's new Handle Pole with their new OVP (over the pivot) steering system.

You can see it here
I have been running this pole for some time on my new Krash Ind. Predator and I knew that I liked the system but, I was on a new ski with a new pole so everything was a little different.

Yesterday I had the chance of riding my old JB-1 with a RRP Pole and my friends JB-1 with the new Blowsion Pole and Steering to get a real side by side comparison and WOW!

The new steering feels better in your hands, turns so quick and smooth and flat out makes the hull handle better since you are steering more naturally like a bmx or motorcycle.

Quick turns on the lip in a critical section with your weight over the front of the pole works better. Everything works better. Fluid turns left and right are easier. Your not swinging behind the pivot left and right....

Honestly the easiest way I can explain it is the difference between the Blowsion and RRP is Blowsions is like riding a dirt bike with your elbows up and riding aggressive where the RRP now feels like your riding with your elbows down at your hips. Even if you pull your elbows up to get more aggressive, you can't get in the same position you can with blowsions system and you still have to "swing" the bars and it just plain feels outdated. No more swinging, just turning.

Put it like this. Behind the pivot steering would be like taking your BMX and pulling the bars back towards you until they are flat, swinging the bars left and right to turn vs standing the bars up and turning the bars left and right on the pivot. Which one makes more sense?

It's like when riser bars came out. I was like well, never going back to straight bars. Now I'll never go back to a behind the pivot system. Outdated.

Honestly if you are in the market for a new pole and steering...your an idiot if you don't get this new system. #sorryimnotsorry

The new steering only works with the new pole BUT, this pole is made in the USA, it has a better cinching system grabbing around the extruded tube so you pole will never come loose (see here) image.jpg

And the pole weight is lighter than a RRP billet pole. Plus it's not a twin tube knock off like everything else on the market. That's a winner folks.

Racer David Redinger adds "This pole is amazing for closed course racing as well! So responsive!"

Thank you blowsion for making an awesome product.


I also wanted to note that it's $1145.50 for the pole. Plus the OVP steering system sets you at $1395.45. RRP is $1472.95 including RRP steering on their Lightweight Billet pole and $1298.95 w/ steering so, like its weight, it's in the middle of the two poles. No excuse!
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Dec 17, 2010
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SpaceCowboy picked one up. It's some of the sexiest machine work I've seen!

Yes the quality on this pole is bar none...MADE IN THE USA!!!! Thanks again @tightithrash for pushing me over the edge to get one of these. I should have my ski on the water pretty soon for a ride report.



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