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Jan 20, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
Ill start with this. I hate negativity and drama in this sport but, more than anything i HATE the liars. We all ride for the same reason, because we LOVE it. This sport is my life as it is alot of yours as well. Ive met some great people but ive also met the worst..

This has been a long time coming and to honest I am absolutely sick and tired of being taken advantage of, walked all over, and threatened. Especially with this topic. Although the buyer has been compensated and his demands have been met, he still continues to threaten me and try to squeeze more and more out of me.

So here goes.... Last august (2016) I decided to list my Rage Composites full carbon Havoc. It was originally built for Johnny Lefty to compete on. It was specifically built heavier and stronger. I bought it off of Brian at Rage. Why did I lost it for sale? 2 reasons. I had absolutely no interest in riding a hull that represented a garbage company and to be completely honest, they ride terrible. When i listed it for sale, Lumpy (Justin) had contacted me about it. Long story short we negotiated for my hull and he ended up deciding to make the 9 hour trip and come pick it up with his wife.

Note: Keep this piece of info in mind. I had received a random message from a mutual friend of ours who will remain nameless before Lumpy came over, that had told me to stay away from Lumpy as a buyer. I was told "he will do anything to get his way and he is shady, DONT SELL IT TO HIM"...
I shrugged it off and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Everyones opinions differ and he seemed like a nice guy. What could go wrong, right?

When Justin and his wife (who were very nice at the time) came over to pick this beautiful hull up, we met them in my shop. We had them over for about 2 1/2 - 3 hours just hanging out in the shop, hovering over his new hull and talking skis. They were super nice people. He looked over the hull multiple times, looked at my personal skis, my engines, etc. (I dont let random people into my shop). I feel as if it was a great transaction because he was happy. We met some great people and more importantly made new friends. I invited them back any time to stay and ride.
My "crew" and i were riding that afternoon so we invited lumpy and his wife to come hang out and ride for the day. They took me up on my offer and followed us to the ride spot, but didnt ride.

Note: Keep this in mind.. When the time came to load up this piece of art into his "work truck" i asked where he was going to put it? He popped the bed cover off and it was stuffed to the max with work equipment. He then pulls out the worlds oldest and warn out hitch hauler.... This POS hitch hauler moved a foot on either side. Im not exaggerating. A FOOT OF TRAVEL ON EACH END. He then proceeds to use a 3 inch ratchet strap to tie the hull down. A little over kill. At this point i questioned him. If this was mine there is NO WAY IN HELL I would put a ski on that thing for any amount of time let alone a carbon hull for a 9 hour drive.. I offered to help him clear a space in the bed of the truck or to strap it to the top of his truck bed. He said "itll be fine.." (im kicking myself for not taking a picture or video of his setup)

Now on to the "real" Lumpy.. As most of you know he is quite out spoken on the internet. In person he is nothing but a big, quiet teddy bear.
It seemed like the moment he got home i received a text from him saying that he wasnt happy with me...
I immediately call him, he ignores my call.
He then texts me back and says "Im not really in the mood to talk to you"...
I tried calling several times. All of my calls were ignored.
He purposely tried getting me worked up and it worked. My heart was racing. I needed to know what the hell was going on and what happened to the hull.
He then texted me back after ignoring my call and said that it was cracked on the bottom of the hull. He accused me of purposely cracking the hull before selling it to him and immediately threatened that he was taking me to court...
Instantly and again, i told him to call me. I wanted to know what the hell was going on. He kept ignoring my calls.
He responds with texts saying "My lawyer told me not to answer your calls, only texts so they are documented"....... Thats the kind of person i was dealing with... Are you kidding me? He was so fast to pull the "lawyer card" and he didnt even have the balls to talk on the phone..

This went on for 9 days. Justin would refuse to answer my phone calls or call back but had no problem texting me back, trash talking me, telling me what an a$$hole i am, and threatening to take me to court.
9 DAYS AND HE WOULD NOT TALK ON THE PHONE, only text randomly.. I repeatedly asked him to call me, lets solve this right now. He refused.

I am not one to play childish games. The very first thing i told him to do was call me and i will make this right some how even though that hull was not cracked when it left my shop and i didnt do anything wrong. He said no. STILL wouldnt call. I didnt owe him anything for his mistake but i still tried.

Day after day he would send me random text messages. I replied with the same thing, "CALL ME"
On the 9th day Justin calls... He makes a demand that i agree to. I was to give him a handful of 1 off parts that belonged to that hull and we were to call it even..

I specifically asked him several times, "SO WE ARE GOOD NOW???". He said and i quote "Now we are even"

2 days later i sent him tracking info on the parts shipped to his house.. It was $400 in new parts and $20 in shipping.

Finally, everything is all good. I would text and check up on him asking how the progress was going. Everything seemed to be good between us now.

3 months later he was making more threats out of know where.. I confront him and asked "didnt we have an agreement?"
he apologizes and says he will stop... he said that he was still a little "salty" about the entire situation but hell get over it.

Again, now 8 months later and he is making threats against me for something i DIDNT DO. Its almost pointless to make this review because he has already told most of you his fairy tale of this story.

So, even after 8 months he refuses to call me or call back. The only response i would get is "what do you want, im busy as f**k"
Apparently he was too busy to be bashing me on here but, he was too busy to talk on the phone about something i thought was over.

If anyone knows me, they know my reputation in this industry is very important to me. I came up from nothing with no help from anyone and i did it by being honest and real. i would never in my life try and hide a cracked hull or sell something that wasnt as described. Im so easy to work with that people have taken advantage of me and threatened to use my reputation against me just to save themselves money. Sadly, its worked and i have lost money in the past just to keep people happy.. Just like lumpy has done to me. He saw a weakness in me, threatened my reputation against me, and got free parts instead of admitting his own wrong. Even though i met his demands of giving him $400 in parts he STILL sends me harassing texts and demands that i reimburse him even more money.

The only one that didn't hold up their end of the deal here is you, Justin. You demanded more parts after the deal was closed and your "rules" and remarks were that "we are even", even though I didn't owe you anything. Now that this has come to light that you are simply trying to scam me out of parts and money, I believe that you owe me my steering and intake grate back since we are clearly "not even"....

Well Justin, if you would have answered your damn phone, things would be alot different I can promise you that.

Long story short. I sold the hull to lumpy. He came to my shop and stared at it for 3 hours then took it home, happy as could be. As soon as he got home he had buyers remorse. That hull did not leave my shop broken and he knows that.
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Jan 20, 2011
Cleveland, Ohio
No phone call, no returned parts, and no stop to his harassment. Not a single positive effort has been made by Justin from the purchase of the hull to this date, only negativity and slander.

Remember gentleman, how you speak of others speaks loudest about yourself.
Nov 9, 2012
No phone call, no returned parts, and no stop to his harassment. Not a single positive effort has been made by Justin from the purchase of the hull to this date, only negativity and slander.

Remember gentleman, how you speak of others speaks loudest about yourself.
Matt, please provide proof of this so called harassment. Call logs, texts, whatever you got, post it up. No returned parts? Why would i return anything to you, you sold me a cracked hull that you had advertised as new, as evidenced in this thread: you clearly have no intention of rectifying this as i haven't heard from you. And as far as how you speak about others speaking of your own character, you must have forgotten that saying when you called me bipolar. See attachment.


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