A Different Kind of Build Thread

Jul 4, 2015
May 11th
Post Op Day 16: Sanity

Been a while since I've checked in, but things are progressing slowly. Still have pain, but my whole left leg is only attached by 3 screws so...ya know.

Passed my two week anniversary on Thursday! Bone should be forming the very first tendrils by now. The leg is getting smaller and I've lost 13 lbs since surgery. PT went well, very basic. Had to be at the doc for 4 freaking hours on Monday, plus over an hour drive each way. What a pain.

The days pass by with little action. Pax (doberman puppy) has been really good with me during the day, and of course the cat comes to hang out when Pax isn't around.

Dex (black dragon water monitor) escaped his enclosure the other day, but the sun room is also his domain. He allowed me to approach with a walker and I picked him up with no fight. Jax (regular water monitor) is getting so big! She went for a roam a few days ago and also had to come inspect my walker. My husband has been doing a phenomenal job keeping everyone clean and happy.

59988897_2197040650331791_4546063938961276928_o.jpg 60217978_2197040726998450_3310479183083208704_o.jpg 60276355_2197040586998464_90838283432493056_o.jpg

Started writing articles for The Watercraft Journal again, nice to be able to join the ski world if only on edges.


Huge thanks to my coworkers for sending me some Omaha Steaks and coming to hang out with much missed Starbucks! Was SO nice to talk to more people. Bums ya out to be alone for most of the day, most days.

Got a sweet basket for my walker so I can now take care of some of my creatures and feed them!

All in all these are all 1st world problem complaints. I'm healing, and things will progress as they do. The biggest difficulty is keeping my mind from wandering into the darkness. Xbox, fitness, and dreaming about skis tends to help

......and not gonna lie. That motorcycle I was wanting to get is quickly turning in to wanting another freestyle ski. A true flatwater ski this time. What did that take...two months? Jeez lol
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