88 650sx Needs a new Ebox. Cheap!

Nov 9, 2018
Good ski.
Ran great all summer
Needs a new ebox

Fairly stock
Blowsion flame arrestor
Extended ride plate
(don’t think it’s on in the picture below)
Deep scoop intake grate
Added a primer
Bilge pump, with external switch

Rode it for the past two summers. Ended up getting a new battery. But like a dumbass I connect the battery the wrong way, the terminals were fliped on the new battery
(I was quickly changing it on the beach). I knew exactly what I did wrong the second I tried starting it. It had already burnt out the ebox though. So for $500 and a used ebox on eBay you could have a nice 650 for cheap.

New to the site, so I don’t know if it’s apropriate to add a phone number, but here goes.

(770) 712-4119
Text me

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