360 flat spin, helicopter, whatever you wanna call it

Jul 27, 2016
Also, another very important thing. What trim are some of you running. The xmetal trim with bpipe coupler mod is great at pulling out 360s. Most trims leak thrust out the sides so you are loosing power. The downside with the xmetal and coupler is you are lubing the coupler between each ride and steering is not as smooth. Always some give and take. I am wanting to try and mod another trim so that it doesn't loose anything out the sides but have not attempted yet. I have seen someone make ears for their thrust EZ pull trim and he said that has been working well. I have also heard the RRP trim is great, doesn't lose thrust, but is expensive and back-ordered right now?
glad I just ordered the RRP from maniac! appears to be the only trim without huge gaps between the steer nozzle and reduction ring especially at lock. great thread


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Jan 17, 2006
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Couple equipment upgrades help this trick tremendously. Short pole, OVP steer system, Best steer nozzle for this trick is X-Scream with coupler, 2nd best that I know of is the Blowsion system (better than Thrust) I have not tried RRP but have tried the 3 mentioned. These three mods will take a 250 to 360+.
Most important action to get this trick down every time is getting forward over your hood but looking back over your shoulder to direction your spinning. If you hit the wake at an angle the trick will be lower and faster (best for smaller cc setup) , hit it straight on and it will be higher and slower (bigger power needed) .
Last but not least of course, powa makes everything bigger and easier.
Jul 30, 2015
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I know. That video was a gift to the jet ski world and to me since I also own a '93 550sx with original graphics. And because I see you can do it, I know it can be done. So I will practice what you do until I can do it too. My wife and I are in Courtland with a little, yet-undefined waterfront. So, your Lodi slough waterfront dock property is also an inspiration.

I am following your Rickter build thread and at 63 years old, I want to be you when I grow up (as far as jetskiing ability goes). I may never get there, but your video gives me a goal.

You are a kid with undeniable skills and because of that you are kind of a smart ass. But you will out grow that and become a very decent human being. I only say that because it takes one to know one.

Thanks for posting that video.
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